The lost sock

As any other night, our child is ready to fall asleep, but suddenly an strange noise awakes him. It is a sad sock wich is crying: he is in trouble!! What happens to him? Our child will find out, and so he will help this little one.


This is the ideal story for the smallest children: full with recognizable objects, and wiht a very comprehensible moral. Recommended from 1 year and on.

These drawings are neither caricatures nor figurative portraits of the children, but rather interpretations of their distinctive features created based on the photograph provided and adapted to the graphic style of each tale (see “How we make it”).

If you want to provide us with another photo giving further information about the child, please send us a mail to mentioning your order number.

The images shown at “look inside” are a sample of the illustrations of the tale, but do not represent the entire story.

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Photos under 2MB. Children’s faces should appear close up.
If you have no photo available at this time, make your purchase and send us the picture later at, specifying your order number. Use this mail also to send us extra potos of the child.


ESPECIAL: 20 pages (8,6x10,9inch) printed on high quality paper, hardback binding and an extra dust cover to protect the item.

STANDARD: 20 pages (8,6x10,9inch) printed on high quality paper, flexible cardboard binding.

MINI: 20 pages (3,9x5,9inch) printed on high quality paper, flexible cardboard binding.

DIGITAL: 21 pages PDF file, optimized for screen visualization (suitable for PC, MAC, Tablet or Smartphone).


We turn the child into the main character of the tale, drawing him by hand into the story. We include his name in the text of the tale and in its title.


We ship world wide. If you do not reside in Spain, the product will be sent sent with proof of delivery, taking aproximately 3 weeks since the order is placed.